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Our IT fundamentals certification program for non-IT professionals is going to enhance your performance and career opportunities. If you're struggling to understand the fundamental principles of IT, our courses are meant for you. Enroll now and join the ranks of our successful graduates.

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Understanding IT fundamentals opens doors

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As a non-IT professional, you may feel like you're missing out on exciting opportunities in the tech industry due to a lack of knowledge and skills in IT.

Or, you may struggle to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology in your current role.

Our IT certification program is specifically designed to help you overcome these challenges and succeed in the tech industry. 

Through practical courses, you will gain a strong foundation in programming, networking, and system administration and develop the skills and confidence to navigate the world of IT.

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Our students have
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"Maaike can explain the IT field in an enthusiastic, funny and knowledgeable way. For a layman like me it was very manageable and even very nice because of her way. The material was well explained and other questions and difficulties were also properly zoomed in on. The whole day was well taken care of in terms of location and lunch. So all in all a super nice experience and I will absolutely recommend this!" 
"A trainer who teaches with her heart. It's something she really likes. She knows exactly how to tell something in understandable language. This way you learn the technique quickly. Especially if you come from a completely different industry and are going to retrain to become a developer. A really great trainer! Thank you!"
"Great training. Lots of insights in a short time. Maaike uses a lot of practical examples and that makes it very valuable. The seemingly complicated matter is very clearly worded and presented clearly. Recommended for basically everyone. Learned a lot even with quite some IT knowledge." 
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