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Programming for Kids

Maaike van Putten


David Oudenaarden


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Learning kids how to code should be fun. In this workshop we'll teach kids basic concepts while creating games.

What's included?

  • 2 Hour workshop
  • 1 Game
  • Working with Scratch
  • 1 Slide deck

Coding is fun

This workshop is of course teaching kids something, but the focus is to make it a fun experience. Step by step they'll build a game. The focus is on kids 8-12, but this is not a strict limit.

Free course

We are firm believers of that coding is a very important skill for kids. As important as math and geography. That's why we like to contribute to this by doing free workshop every now and then.
Meet the instructor

Maaike van Putten

Maaike is a software consultant and trainer with a passion for sharing her expertise to empower others in their careers. Her love for software development shows in the numerous software development projects she participated in and the many certifications she obtained. She has designed and delivered a broad spectrum of training courses catering to beginners and seasoned developers in many languages and frameworks. Next to that, she has authored multiple books and online courses through multiple platforms reaching over 600,000 learners across the globe.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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